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Please note some of our nations and leagues use a different variation of the PGS Rules. Please contact your league admin for full game rules. Please check the main PGS Discord to contact an admin:
Please refer to the PGS XBOX discord for their rules and premium membership content. Join through this link here:

Game Rules

  • Teams must play with a minimum of seven players unless premium is purchased (minimum requirement with premium is 5).
  • All Teams must have a GK, unless premium is purchased.
  • Reschedules of fixtures must be communicated and arranged 24 hours before the stated KO time (unless stated differently by the specific league admin).
  • Any is a MUST, unless premium is purchased or unless you have a full 11.
  • The maximum number of players you can sign on one game night to compete is 5. You cannot sign 11 free agents to compete in a league game.
  • If you’re in a game and your team are lagging or having connection issues you will have until the “10th Minute” in game time to back out. (Backing out any time after this will result in a 1-0 default loss) you can do this twice, then the 3rd game MUST be played
  • Players CANNOT block or interfere with the opposing GK on set pieces.
  • Players CANNOT defend their goal by standing on the line from a free kick. (Players can stand no closer than the six-yard line but cannot stand directly on the goal line)
  • No time wasting! This includes holding the ball in the corner & taking too long on set pieces (video evidence must be provided). Teams must be given the opportunity to change player on set pieces but should not take prolonged time at this. It DOES NOT include passing the ball around but must make an effort to play the game.
  • No use of any glitches (Incl. goalkeeper pants glitch). If we found a club guilty, we will give the opponent a win-default.
  • No use of the penalty chip glitch. Any goals scored this way will not be recognised and the team will be issued a warning.
  • No use of players that are not registered. If we found a club is guilty, a 1-0 default will be awarded.
  • If you have to call time, do this 30 minutes before kick-off time, unless premium is purchased (15 minutes).
  • You can call for a maximum of 10 mins (15 with premium). When you call for time, tag the relevant manager as well as a league admin in the managers chat so that all parties concerned are aware in your relevant league chat.
  • Even though it’s not necessary to live stream games, it would make it easier for admins, players and managers to sort out any claims. Think of it as VAR. The more video evidence we have the more we can review and make a decision. We encourage all teams to stream there matches.

User Agreement

  • When you have created an account on the PGS mobile app you are agreeing to follow and abide by all the rules and regulations put in place. If the rules are not followed, this could result in a ban (at the discretion of the admin). If you feel the admin has treated, you unfairly this can be referred to an owner.
  • Treat admins and players with respect and act professionally.
  • We have a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to bullying, racist or derogatory comments and behaviour.

Player Agreement

  • When you sign for a team you have committed yourself to fulfil the season with your current team (unless premium is purchased to release yourself).
  • If you as a player have any issues with a member of the team, please do not hesitate to contact your league admin to resolve the issue amicably.
  • A player contract lasts for one season, once a manager has registered you as a player, you cannot move clubs without an agreement with the manager and/or admin or having premium (with premium you can move clubs a maximum of 3 times per season but MUST be communicated to your league admin)

Management Agreement

  • When you agree to a managerial contract (which includes both Manager and Co) you are committing yourself to all game days and times for your Team(s) & League(s).
  • If you step down from management and fail to offer a suitable replacement, you will serve a 1 season ban from PGS.
  • If you want to step down as a manager, you can do so at the end of the season or at the discretion of the admin.
  • Manager chats are only to be used for organising matchday games, calling for time, posting stats and other matchday eventualities etc.
  • Line-ups must be submitted before a match starts unless you have a legitimate reason not to that has been communicated to the league admin.
  • Results must be submitted no later than 1 hour after the fixture has been played to keep the league tables updated. If this can’t be done, please speak to your league admin to avoid any defaults given against your team. Player stats entry deadlines will be determined by your respective league admin.
  • Any issues or complaints relating to games, members or the app MUST be sent via a PM to that league admin.
  • If you have premium as a manager, you can release members of your squad when you wish and have an unlimited squad size (max of 20 players without premium).

Match Day Suspension

  • Any manager who fields a banned or suspended player will receive a possible point deduction from the matches the participated by that player 
  • Any player who is found to have played whilst on an active ban/suspension will be given an extended ban.

Player Transfers

  • Free Agents can be signed at any point during a season.
  • All teams will have a squad limit of 20 Players. This can be extended to unlimited with premium membership.
  • Premium must be purchased if you wish to release a player from your roster. Otherwise all players are released at the end of the season.
  • A team can only sign 5 players in one day during an active league season. The only exceptions to this are; before the season has started, teams are not limited to the number of players they can sign in one day, also new teams joining the league midway through a season will not be limited to the amount of players they can sign prior to their first game in the respective league.

Warnings, Probations and Bans

  • Warnings and bans will be handed out if a member breaks any of the above rules, Providing the background of the situation you may return once the ban has been served.

Premium Options – £3.99/month and £1.29/week

  • By choosing to upgrade to a premium account, this will enable you to release yourself and move club at any time without a penalty or ban.
  • By choosing to upgrade to a premium account, this will enable you to fold the club as a manager and enter a new team without any retrospective action.
  • Your team will also be no longer required to use a GK or an any. You can also have a minimum of 3 players.
  • If you want the ability to fold a team and still play for another team you will need to purchase premium.
  • Please see the Purchase Premium section of the app to view more premium options.

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